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Artrya is working to solve the world’s largest cause of death – heart disease. We are using Artificial Intelligence to more accurately identify patients at risk of Coronary Artery Disease and guide clinicians in delivering more effective treatment.

Current diagnosis is focused on plaque build-up and the consequent narrowing of the heart’s arteries. But 64% of women and 50% of males who die of heart attack have no prior warning and two thirds of them have less than 50% narrowing.

Left undiagnosed, patients remain at risk, incorrect treatment regimes are administered and cost burdens on health systems escalate. With ageing populations and the demand for medical services rising globally, significant delays in reporting can leave patients in critical situations.

At Artrya, we are changing the way heart disease is diagnosed. Our purpose is to save lives by using artificial intelligence to deliver faster and more accurate diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease, identify patients at risk and guide clinicians in delivering more effective treatment.

Artrya Leadership Team

John Konstantopoulos

John Konstantopoulos

Chief Executive Officer

John Barrington AM

John Barrington AM

Executive Chairman

Dr. Julien Flack

Dr Julien Flack

Chief Technology Officer

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